Hi, and welcome to the Ultimate Betfair Lay Strategy. We provide 3 lay tips (Laying means we want the horse to lose) on UK Horse Racing every Monday - Thursday. We currently have a 95% success rate! With our current method, at a £2 minimum stake, you will make £6 a day, £24 a week. Obviously you can lay at larger stakes. If you would like to receive 5 days of free lay tips, please email us at : zackers55@gmail.com

We provide the tips from Monday-Thursday, as weekend racing is very competitive, and we achieve our success from laying on these days. We provide the lay tips on the morning of the race (UK time). If you are happy with our service after 5 days, we will then offer you the £10 a month subscription package.

If you are new to laying horses, please tell us in your email, and we will explain how it all works for you. We should also tell you that for this system to work, you will need a minimum of £40 in your Betfair account (that is if you are going to be laying horse at the minimum £2 stake).

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

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