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We provide the tips from Monday-Thursday, as weekend racing is very competitive, and we achieve our success from laying on these days. We provide the lay tips on the morning of the race (UK time). If you are happy with our service after 5 days, we will then offer you the £10 a month subscription package.

If you are new to laying horses, please tell us in your email, and we will explain how it all works for you. We should also tell you that for this system to work, you will need a minimum of £40 in your Betfair account (that is if you are going to be laying horse at the minimum £2 stake).

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Betting used to be very straightforward. You will now find brand new variations in the betting world.
A fairly recent variation that seems very popular, yet not toally understood is Lay Betting. You can find
easy to understand explanations for this system with a Lay Strategy, and also uncover much more complicated
systems of Lay Betting.

The Lay bet is where you bet on something that isn't going to actaully win or take place. A friend can say all year round that his favourite football team is going to win the title, therefore you can bet against it all the time. Much is the same with horse racing. If you think the favourite will not win, you can place the lay bet in opposition of that horse winning the race. You can also lay an outsider at bigger odds who you think has much more chance of not winning or getting placed, however the liability you have to pay out will be greater if the horse did win.

You will be the actual bookie so to speak, therefore if he horse does win, you will have to shell out the cash as per a normal bookie would. So you really do have to keep a close eye on your liabilty from the lay bet.
A good Lay Strategy will keep you in the black for a long time. Betfair is the major firm that deals with lay betting and they have millions of customers that place bets on Backing and Laying horses. Obviously you can Back and Lay on almost any sport you can imagine, so use the Lay Strategy being offered from this blog now!